"Do you hate her? I mean, I know you don't trust her, but do you hate her?"


PlayLab Selection, Great Plains Theatre Conference, 2013

Honorable Mention, 3rd Annual Ohio State Newark New Play Contest

When Robyn's biological mother contacts her on Facebook, asking for something that no one else can give, the teenager and her adoptive parents must decide what risks she will take to help the woman who gave birth to her and how to protect the family that they have built.

Up Theater Company Reading

Directed by Jacki Goldhammer

Robyn-Jamie Saunders
Alexis-Ashley Avera
Justin-Rowan Walter
Beverly-Nancy Cashman
Eli-Richard Gunn*
Millie-Tara Mooney

2013 Great Plains Theatre Conference Reading

Directed by Stephanie Anderson

Robyn-Kelly McGonigal
Alexis-Paige Wolfe
Beverly-Samantha Shatley
Eli-Matt Allen
Justin-Kevin Mikuls
Millie-Teri Fender

*Appears courtesty of Actors Equity Association.

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