Mind Games

Pressured by her new friends, Carla decides to do acid for the first time. But when she starts seeing people in her life that she has been hiding from, Carla stumbles out into the street to escape them. Her night becomes wild and confusing as she encounters street bum, Pedro, and tries to figure out what she really wants.


New York Premiere: (Saint Ann's Playwriting Festival)

Original Cast:
Written and Directed by Elana Gartner
Stage managed by Lizzie Bee

Emma - Dolores Concepcion
Carla - Amanda Treyz
Gary - Jordan Cerruti
Zach - Hanif Peters - Davis
Duffy - John Buffalo Mailer
Mom - Sarah Rooney
Pedro - Bob Henneman
April - Elizabeth Craft

A multi-colored brain image

"You know, everyone makes such a big deal about all this stuff. All it is is a little piece of paper."

- Emma