Other Scripts

A martini glass at a party

The Queen's Circle

An adaptation of Herbert Huncke's short story, "Elsie-John", The Queen's Circle explores the positive and unusual lifestyle of drag queen, Elsie-John, prior to her celebratory funeral.

Two cups of coffee

Much Ado About Coffee

A collaboration with Arthur Simon

Characters embodying the seven deadly sins discover each other at a local coffeeshop. Who will dominate?

A patterned carpet

Arthur's Rug

"Really, what is a meal without butter?!"

- Arthur

Political conditions in Germany have fallen hard on Arthur. Even with his increasing debt, Arthur tries to maintain his propriety at a birthday celebration with his friend, William, who begins to see the truth when he notices Arthur's favorite rug missing.

Two hands forming a heart


"So, in other words, you're going to deny yourself a part of who you are because of another part of who you are? You're not even going to try to make them match?"

- Lillian

When are you truly out of the closet?

Simon and Alice feel that they have a few strikes against them in this world: they're African American and they're homosexual. And then there's the final strike: unsupportive families. Much to the chagrin of their partners and friends, Alice and Simon find that they still need to keep secrets, in order to be who they truly are.