Peanut Butter and Jelly

Catholic Opal and rebel Becca have been friends since they were eleven. Becca is the only one who Opal can confide in about being a lesbian. Opal is the only one who knows how to help Becca's self-esteem. Over twenty years, their close friendship endures disowning, pregnancy and job changes. But with Opal living across the country, Becca feels her absence, especially when Becca's brother commits suicide while serving in the army.


Premiere: The Cat in The Cream, Oberlin, OH

Directed by Mariah Miller
Stage managed by: Katy Durham-Hammer
Technical Direction-Jessica Rose Rossi

Little Opal - Miranda Balkin
Little Becca - Robin Detterman
Adolescent Opal - Alice Dodge
Adolescent Becca - Katy Durham-Hammer
College Opal - Aurora Nealand
College Becca - Mary "Melon" Wedick
Grown-up Opal - Kate Becker
Grown-up Becca-Marissa Leonino
Airline Personnel/Teacher/Proctor - Leah Whitsel

New York reading: (Dramatist Guild)

Directed by Dov Lebowitz-Nowak

Little Opal - Christie Green
Little Becca - Erin Barry-Bleiweiss
Adolescent Opal - Janine Bertone
Adolescent Becca - Olivia Briggs
College Opal - Leah Vickers
College Becca - Kelli Greenberg Lerner
Grown-up Opal - Liz Craynon
Grown-up Becca - Kat Ascharya
Stage Directions - Rachel Shane

New York premiere: (Pulse Ensemble Theater)

Directed by Alexa Kelly
Stage managed by: Stephanie Clarke

Becca - Eva Van Dok
Opal - Lizzy Davis

Bread with peanut butter and jelly on it


Original cast and crew

Some original cast and crew for Peanut Butter and Jelly: (l-r) Miranda Balkin, Mariah Miller, Katy Durham-Hammer, Jessica Rose Rossi, Kate Becker, Leah Whitesel.

Postcard art

This postcard was used for the Pulse Ensemble production of Peanut Butter and Jelly. Designed by Jonathan VanGieson.

"Look, there are certain things that get each of us through stuff. You've got God and I've got... gin."

- Becca