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Please be advised that while you are welcome to use a monologue or excerpt from the show for an audition or in academic settings, you have not purchased the rights for commercial performance of the play. Likewise, it is illegal to make copies of the full script without paying the author for them. If you wish to perform any part of the play commercially, you must obtain a contract with the playwright. 



Pilar's Brother (Full Script)
2 F, 2 M
Runtime: 120 minutes    $8

Julianís mother has returned to Chile to care for his dying grandmother, leaving Julian to juggle his temporary responsibility for his mentally-ill sister, his studies, his job and his American lifestyle: the one that his family knows about and the closeted gay and aspiring actor lifestyle that they donít. Set in 1968 and in a strong Chilean immigrant and Catholic family, this story explores the choices that Julian has to make when a big opportunity arises and the sister that complicates them.