Jagged Journey

"And, if this is who I really am, what does that mean about you, huh?"


Gulfshore Playhouse New Works Festival Finalist 2022

Jagged Journey is an achronological exploration of the contentious relationship between Ginny and the personification of her Epilepsy. As Epilepsy cartwheels through Ginny’s life, trying to be her friend, Ginny must decide what is worth fighting for, even if it means endangering herself. Inspired by real life events, Ginny and Epilepsy’s challenging dynamic plays out over twenty three years as they battle over sex, college, driving, relationships, friendships, marriage, children and, most of all, power.

Media Arts Council, Media, PA Reading

Producer: Julie Zaffarano
Directed by Kelci Schlierf

Ginny: Emily Hill
Epilepsy: Kate Scanlon
Adam: Jason Tokarski
Riley: Will Thomas
Marisol: Rachel Dolan
Jabari: Iykechi McCoy
Isabelle/Nurse: Brittany Holdahl Donohue

New York Industry Readings (In-Person and Virtual)

Directed by Victoria Narayan

Ginny: Sara Parcesepe
Epilepsy: Jes Bedwinek
Adam: Matt Biagini
Riley: Steve Way
Marisol: Susanne Pinedo
Jabari: Bilal Walker
Isabelle/Nurse: Kate Semmens
In-person Stage Manager: David Bishop
Virtual Tech and Sound Manager: M. Florian Staab

A photo of a woman with her eyes closed and her hands up to her face. Behind her is a trail of herself watching.