Frantic multi-colored hands typing on a computer

Runtime Error

"Well, you're rather an exceptional young man, aren't you?"

Cone of a tornado about to hit a town with fields. Lightning on the right side.


"And if she grows up and she's anything like her mama, she'll be so lucky."
-SALLY, Tornado

Broken United States flag in the shape of a heart

Where We Are Now

"John Oliver said not to let us normalize this. I worry about becoming complacent."
-GEORGE, Where We Are Now

Girl on grass with laptop


"So you think you did a pretty good job with my kid here?"
-MILLIE, Daughter

Two young women lying against a gravestone, sad

Because of Beth

"How come everyone seems to know what Mom wanted but me?"
- Penny, Because of Beth

Two old fashioned clocks spinning away from each other

Age of Chimes

"It's not enough to have a nice apartment, Nate, if you don't have people to share it with."
- Oscar, Age of Chimes

A painting of a ship on a stormy sea

Ernie Evan

"Ya evah notice how rotten th' lan' smells wherevah we dock? An' thar ain' no birds. I'n't that strange?"
- Ernie Evan, Ernie Evan

white bread with peanut butter and jelly

Peanut Butter and Jelly

"Life is strange when you're sharing your best friend with God."
- Becca, Peanut Butter and Jelly

Contorted figures in a dark painting

If I Had Known

"My mother is convinced she did something wrong when she was pregnant to make me 'be like this'!"
- Theo, If I Had Known

A multi-colored brain image

Mind Games

"You better be quiet or the police are gonna come and find us both and this is the best alley to sleep in!"
- Pedro, Mind Games


A woman with closed eyes and her hands up to her face. Behind her, another image of herself trails, watching her.


"So much of who I am is because I've had to learn to exist with this."
- Riley, Jagged Journey

Two women from the 1800's sitting side by side


"Do you ever think that women understand each other in ways men can't?"
- Vivian, Before Lesbians

A barred and padlocked gate


"This would be special. It's not like I make up stories all the time."
- Julian, Pilar's Brother

A colorful graphic of a brain with many objects inside

Cortex Kin

"Where did you put the meet more people box?"
- Daniel, Cortex Kin

A close-up photo of a record spinning


"Don't you have any friends that you worry what would happen if you lost their friendship?"
- Casey, Spinning

The bottoms of two bare feet with a tag

Tag on Toe

"I can't imagine not having a daddy that was mine."
- Annabel, Tag on Toe

Two hands forming a heart shape


"That's why I like the moon; it reflects on my face so no one will be scared of me."
- Alice, Vespers